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MHIC#:148440 | DC#:420223000044 | CPHT

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I love what I do and do it well
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MHIC#:148440 | DC#:420223000044 | CPHT

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We Talk
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A quick phone or video call can help me to understand your list. Naturally, we can meet in person at your leisure.

I Build
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After you sign, we purchase materials, pull permits and bring on other professionals as necessary, and begin work. Our tools not only make cool sounds, but are extremely efficient.

We Punch That List Out
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We’ll update you on our progress as we go and, just before our work is complete, we walk you through what we've done. We know it’s important for you to be happy and satisfied
with our work.

Making your home function and look better.


Picture of the founder
Sean B. Bruce
Sean's Mum said he was born with a pencil and hammer in hand. After leaving England, he spent a decade in Jamaica learning from the tradespeople who built elegant and hurricane-tolerant homes.  Naturally, his first job upon arriving stateside was working with a general contractor on a home renovation.

For college, Sean made a left turn and went to school for advertising, and then spent several decades on Madison Avenue helping you to purchase things you didn't know you needed.  After relocating with his wife to Silver Spring, Sean decided to make a right turn back to his first passion:  Now he's a licesenced GC punching out to-do lists filled with projects large and small for clients all over the DMV. He’ s also Certified Passive House Tradesperson, CPHT.
Picture of a tape measure
30ft +5ft
Chief Operating Officer
The right and left hand of this company, she's consistently accurate within a 16th of an inch.

No project gets off the ground without her knowledge, so don't try to be sneaky.
Picture of a tool belt and hammer
Chief Technology Officer
There's a lot of tech in those pouches depending on the project.  Also known as B-22, she has 19 years of experience.  When working with her readily available side-kick 22oz framing hammer, they're a versatile force attached at the hip.*

*Yes, I’m a dad too.

Our old screen in porch needed an update. Sean was attentive, thorough and built everything better than what was there. We're excited about our new screen porch.

Kye P, homeowner

My condo needed some modern design touches. Sean installed shiplap wood planks on one wall and installed a new vanity at a great price.

Suzy s, homeowner

Sean designed and installed a functional paved patio that was solid and matched the style of our 1940's brick home.

tatyana m, homeowner

We disliked the basement fiberglass shower. Sean installed porcelain tiles and river-rock shower tiles. Our bathroom is a magical place to be now.

Rosalind o, homeowner